The Abyss of Online Shopping

Shopping online can often feel like being in the jungle. What are people willing or unwilling to buy online? How are payment and logistics services shaping people’s willingness to pay before delivery?

Survey Questions

  1. What does online shopping mean to you?
  2. Have you ever bought something online?
  3. Which of these items have you bought without physically meeting the retailer or vendor before making the purchase?
  4. Through which of these channels or platforms have you found and ordered an item that was delivered to you?
  5. Which of these matter the most to you, when buying something on the internet?
  6. When are you most likely to place an online order for an item?
  7. Which of these is a strong indicator of the sort of vendor you should patronize when buying online?
  8. What is the biggest advantage of buying something via the internet?
  9. What is the biggest disadvantage of buying something via the internet?
  10. Which of these items would you NEVER buy online?
  11. What makes you trust and continue to patronize an online vendor?
  12. Would you recommend YOUR online shopping experience to a friend?
  13. Please tell us a bit about your WORST online shopping experience