Mixers & Chasers - Spirits, Beers & Ciders

What alcoholic beverages do people like to drink? What don’t we know they are drinking? How does the alcohol taste profile change as we move across countries, income brackets, ages, and genders? Do Nigerian men really like their sweet drinks? Do women really prefer ciders? With what – if anything – are people mixing these drinks?

Survey Questions

  1. What alcoholic beverage do you typically drink?
  2. What are the most important factors in choosing an alcoholic beverage?
  3. How do you know that an alcoholic beverage is of good quality?
  4. When having an alcoholic drink, what is your preference?
  5. When mixing your drink, do you do the following?
  6. What are your preferred juices when mixing?
  7. What are your preferred sodas or soft drinks when mixing?
  8. On what occasions do you enjoy your alcoholic beverages the most?
  9. Where do you buy alcoholic beverages and mixers?
  10. How do you learn about new alcoholic beverages brands?