Mixers & Chasers - Non-Alcoholic Beverages

What is the taste profile of today’s consumer and how is that affected by health concerns? What are they drinking – bottled water, juices, carbonated soft drinks, coffee, tea? What traditional drinks are they drinking – kunu, zobo, aya? What do they consider when choosing what non-alcoholic drinks to buy

Survey Questions

  1. What non-alcoholic beverages do you typically drink?
  2. What are the most important factors in buying a non-alcoholic beverage?
  3. How often do you buy non-alcoholic beverages?
  4. Aside from water, on what occasions do you typically consume non-alcoholic beverages?
  5. What is your preferred packaging type when buying your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
  6. When do you typically buy non-alcoholic beverages?
  7. How do you learn about new non-alcoholic beverages brands?
  8. Using words other than sweet or refreshing, describe how your favorite non-alcoholic beverage tastes
  9. Of all the non–alcoholic beverages you drink, which one is your favorite?
  10. What makes you choose this drink over others?