Urban Africa: Fashion As Armor

How are young men and women arming themselves for life’s various occasions? What goals do they have in how they want to be seen? What styles and brands are making that possible for them? What – if anything – can these questions tell us about upcoming fashion trends? What do they seek to achieve with their clothing choices?

Survey Questions

  1. What clothing brand(s) do you most admire right now?
  2. What shoe brand(s) do you most admire right now? 
  3. What accessory or jewelry brand(s) do you most admire right now? 
  4. Who would you consider the 5 best-dressed celebrities in your country?
  5. I buy clothes I like, regardless of the current fashion
  6. I buy new fashion looks only when they are well accepted
  7. I prefer to buy well-known designer labels rather than take a chance on something new
  8. The clothing and styles I want are readily available in the places where I shop
  9. I’m not afraid to be the first to try something new when it comes to fashion styles
  10. I treat people differently based on how they are dressed
  11. People treat me differently based on how I’m dressed
  12. I resent being told what to wear by so-called fashion experts
  13. Fashion in clothing is just a way to get more money from the consumer