Leisure & Out-of-Home Entertainment

Bars, cinemas, clubs, parks, parties, concerts, lounges. How do people enjoy their free time outside the home? How much are they spending? When they go out, what are they hoping for – entertainment, distraction, fun, serendipitous love?

Survey Questions

  1. Which of these out of home experiences have you ever had?
  2. I would gladly pay the equivalent of US$20 to access the following entertainment options in my city
  3. My city has excellent options for leisure and relaxation outside the home
  4. My city has excellent options for nightlife and entertainment
  5. My city has excellent cultural engagement spaces
  6. My city has excellent play and relaxation spaces for children
  7. I am aware of fun and entertaining events near me
  8. How do you usually find out about happening events in your city?
  9. What types of events do you wish occurred more often in your city?
  10. What events are you most looking forward to right now?
  11. Which 5 places in your city would you take visiting friends to show them a good time? 
  12. What are the top 5 most romantic places in your city?