Body Image & Social Media - Health, Fitness & Wellness

We explore how social media highlights and shapes our perception of the ideal body – for both men and women. How does this affect, inform, drive, or mar our general wellbeing and health – mental and physical?

Survey Questions

  1. What part(s) or aspects of your body do you admire/feel comfortable with?
  2. Has anyone in your life ever made comments about you that affected your body image negatively?
  3. Did any of these comments lead you to changing any aspects of your body/health/wellness?
  4. What physique/body type do you aspire to have?
  5. What/who influences your perception of what you should look like?
  6. What physique/body type do you think/feel your partner should have?
  7. What/who gives you an idea of what your partner should look like?
  8. What physique/body type do you think/feel your partner wants or would want you to have?
  9. Do you ever admire people’s physiques on social media?
  10. Which social media platforms are you most likely to find yourself admiring people’s looks?
  11. How do you feel when you see someone online or on social media with your ideal physique/body type?
  12. How are you planning to achieve your body goals?