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    See a visual breakdown of where your money is going.


    Learn to save and spend wisely. Stretch and grow your cash.


    From Ajo to weddings, plan and do things with your squad.

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    Welcome to financial planning like you’ve never seen it before.

    Win Together

    Share savings goals with those you trust. Let them encourage, keep you accountable, and celebrate achievements with you.

    Plan more. Worry less.

    Set a financial goal and we’ll help you quietly save small amounts each day until you reach your goal.

    What people are saying about REΛCH

    "With REΛCH, I realized just how much I'd been spending on aso-ebi and expensive weaves instead of saving for my dream wedding. I've quickly discovered the wisdom of asking for the colors of the day."

    — Ada B.

    "I downloaded REACH and found out that I spent ₦350,000 on restaurants last year. That had to stop. Now, I pack my own lunch and have been eating healthier. I've also started saving ₦500 everyday thanks to the insights from the app. Great work, guys!"

    — Kola O.

    "I want to start a company and this app is teaching me to monitor my spending and grow the discipline required for solid money management."

    — Stephen A.